My-Linh Teague

Soroa Team Transaction Coordinator


Who am I? Whats my purpose? Whats my plan?

I am ambitious, self-motivated, strong willed, dedicated, and a creative engineer.

With over 18 years of experience in the mortgage industry, I have seen the lows and highs that this industry has to offer. But through it all I have manage to keep my integrity and standards that have help me to better serve our clients and continue relationships and gain respect and repeat business. They say no other compliment is better than referrals! And in a tough competitive industry with so many options and choices for our clients, I am always honored when we get an opportunity to serve in their home loan process.

I enjoy bringing the fun and the humor to my everyday work life and to my fellow co-workers. I have always said, I spend more awake hours at work than I do with family and friends after hours, so might as well make the best of it while fulfilling my job duties. Companies that care about their employees beyond the every day and every hour grind of money making business are very important to me. Therefore, the opportunities to plan office parties and team building events are the constant reminders that as a united TEAM all things all possible.

Crafting, painting, sewing and letting my creative juices flow is a fun and yearning pass time for me. I enjoy the challenge that running short or long distances gives me. And any opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors makes for a satisfying life.

Beyond all that has been expressed, foremost I am a mother! No other accomplishment will better showcase my life passion than what I can teach and experience with my family. My children are the most important responsibility I have been given in life. My motto to my children "my job in life is to prevent you from being a menace to society" #truth