Dick Maurer

Senior Mortgage Advisor

NMLS: #228916


I'm a native Oregonian. I was born in Bend where my maternal Grandfather, a Swedish immigrant, settled in 1917 as the town tailor. My father's family followed in 1928. I was raised in the Willamette Valley with a typical small town American childhood. Riding bikes, climbing trees, making forts of various kinds and, of course, playing all the normal sports. I learned about team work, cooperation and self-accountability as a three sport athlete in high school. Career moves allowed me to see other parts of the country and I raised my kids in Northern California. I moved back home to Oregon in 1993 and the kids soon followed. There is no place I'd rather live than the Pacific Northwest. Portland's slogan is "Keep Portland Weird" so I suppose that I, somehow, have my own brand of weirdness. The combination of the people, the climate and all of the wonderful outdoors make Oregon and the Northwest a most special place to call home.

I'm married to my best friend and my "forever" wife. With our blended family, we enjoy our adult kids and grandchildren as much as time will allow. Whenever we can, we play golf, enjoy day hikes and all things outdoors. Since we were both athletes, we both love to watch all types of sports. My wife says that we would watch grass grow if there was a way to keep score. We are still just a bit competitive.

I have more than 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry. I have had a variety of positions from sales to branch and regional management and have been trained as an underwriter as well. I've been involved with and am competent in many types of mortgage loans. My true calling and specialty is assisting Veterans use their well-earned benefits to obtain home loans for them and their families. It's how my parents bought our first home. As a young man during the Vietnam era, I was appalled to see how our Veterans were treated as they returned home. Irrespective of anyone's opinion about whether the war was right or not, these men and women served our country every bit as well as those of other wars. I could at least help them get their lives settled by helping them with the VA loan process. Having a 30 year involvement with the VA has certainly taught me that they have their own special language and processes. As one client remarked, "you speak VA fluently". Knowing how to "speak" it allows me to best represent the interests of Veterans in the home loan process. It's not harder but it certainly is different from the other types of loans.

I help my clients "get the right loan, the first time... On time".